14 September 2020


The Horological Society of New York (HSNY) announces Swiss watchmaker Jaquet Droz has joined as a sponsor. Jaquet Droz was founded in 1738, and today manufactures timepieces of the highest caliber. Through sponsorship, Jaquet Droz joins America’s oldest watchmaking guild in its mission to advance the art and science of horology through education.

Support from Jaquet Droz comes during a time of change, as HSNY adapts to the new normal of virtual classes and online lectures. The sponsorship will allow HSNY to expand and enhance its educational platforms while allowing them to be more widely accessible to enthusiasts and members worldwide.

“We have a lot of respect and are inspired by the work HSNY has been doing during all these years,” said Jaquet Droz CEO Christian Lattmann. “Jaquet Droz is honored to be now sponsoring this mission of education. It is very important for us to share our philosophy as Jaquet Droz has a unique position in high watchmaking, by having created the most amazing Automaton in the past and continuing this craft through new works, like the famous Charming Bird, or the Loving Butterfly.”

A master of grand complications fit for (and purchased by) royalty, Jaquet Droz’s horological marvels are known for capturing the beauty of nature, flawlessly merging art and mechanics. “Jaquet Droz timepieces, such as their Charming Bird, showcase the history of horology with ingenuities like vibrant automata and song packed into mere millimeters,” said HSNY Executive Director Nicholas Manousos. “The result: works of art that tell time in more ways than one. We are honored to have Jaquet Droz join HSNY as a sponsor.”

About the Horological Society of New York

Founded in 1866, the Horological Society of New York (HSNY) is one of the oldest continuously operating horological associations in the world. Today, HSNY is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the art and science of horology through education.

Members are a diverse mix of watchmakers, clockmakers, executives, journalists, auctioneers, historians, salespeople and collectors, reflecting the rich nature of horology in New York City.

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