28 Enero 2011

Inauguration of the Jaquet Droz Boutique in Hong Kong

Jaquet Droz proudly announces the grand opening of its first boutique in Hong Kong, inviting renowned artist Mr. Moses Chan, Mr. Kevin Rollenhagen, President of The Swatch Group (HK) Ltd., Mr. Marc Aellen, Head of Sales of Jaquet Droz, and Miss Angel Man, Vice President of Jaquet Droz, Hong Kong and Macau, to officiate at the Opening Ceremony. Mr. Marc A. Hayek, President of Montres Jaquet Droz, delivered a personal message at the Cocktail Reception. Jaquet Droz proudly announces the opening of its first boutique in Hong Kong at The Sun Arcade on Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, marking another milestone of the 273-year-old brand. Founded in 1738, Jaquet Droz is one of the oldest prestigious watchmaking brands in the world. As early as in the Qing Dynasty, Jaquet Droz has earned its popularity among the Chinese royalty.The Chinese name that the brand is still using today, was actually granted by the famous Qing Emperor Qianlong. With “Eternity – the ultimate luxury” as its motto, the brand aims to create a Legend for Eternity based on respect for tradition, pursuance of modern technology, ongoing reinterpretation of luxury and the magic of transforming each instant into an exceptional moment. Mr. Moses Chan was invited to officiate at the Opening Ceremony held on the 28th of January, 2011, as a celebration of the exciting moment. Watch enthusiasts, connoisseurs and guests arrived in good spirit at the Jaquet Droz boutique at The Sun Arcade, appreciating the exceptional Jaquet Droz wristwatch demonstrated by renowned model Miss Cara G. Mr. Kevin Rollenhagen, Mr. Marc Aellen, Miss Angel Man and Mr. Moses Chan were then invited to officiate at the ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by a sensational lion dance. After the Opening Ceremony at the boutique, guests were invited to take a few steps to the nearly Hullett House Hotel for a Cocktail Reception, where an exclusive Jaquet Droz antique pocket watch exhibition was staged. A professional enamel painter was invited to travel all the way from Switzerland to demonstrate the distinctive enamel painting technique that is used on the enamel dials of Jaquet Droz timepieces, which stunned the eyes of plenty. The official programm of the Cocktail Reception commenced with a recorded personal message by Mr. Marc A. Hayek, President of Montres Jaquet Droz. Mr. Marc A. Hayek said in the recorded video that it was a pity that he could not attend the Opening Ceremony in person but it was his honour and pleasure to greet and celebrate the happy moment with the guests: “You will discover a lot about Jaquet Droz. We are a very exclusive brand, with very long history and very strong history, especially with China. It was the first watch brand to enter the Forbidden City. It features very beautiful design and very exclusive interpretation on what you can do with mechanical watches. It is very strong in its enamel dials. Not long ago, we launched a new boutique that features our brand new boutique concept in Paris, with unique pieces and special pieces of very limited edition. We are very proud to be able to share it with the watch-lovers in the East too. Wish you all a very emotional, exciting and pleasant afternoon.” Mr. Marc Aellen, Head of Sales of Jaquet Droz, thanked the guests for their support: “Jaquet Droz has had a long and close relationship with China. In the past 273 years, Jaquet Droz has never ceased to stun the watchmaking world by producing distinctive timepieces that feature appealing design and professional know-how, which I believe will bring supreme joy and satisfaction to the collectors, connoisseurs and watch enthusiasts in China.” Mr. Kevin Rollenhagen, President of The Swatch Group (HK) Ltd., said in his speech: “With Hong Kong as the most significant international finance center and luxury hub in the world and Canton Road as the most sensational shopping hub in Asia, it is indeed Jaquet Droz’s honor to open its first boutique in Hong Kong at The Sun Arcade, which not only further enhances the brand’s presence in the market but reveals the brand’s acknowledgment in positioning China as its major market. It is our sincere hope that watch-lovers can explore and discover the world of Jaquet Droz and the brand’s motto of ‘Eternity – the ultimate luxury’ in this brand new boutique.” Renowned artist Mr. Moses Chan said at the Opening Ceremony: “As an actor, I had the chance of acting in the scenes that feature old China. It’s truly impressive to know that the Chinese name of Jaquet Droz was actually granted by the famous Qing Emperor Qianlong. The history and achievement of the brand have been well proven. Given the dramatic boom of the watchmaking industry in recent years, the exceptional Jaquet Droz timepieces are always distinctive from other watch brands, which reinforce their success despite the competition.” Jaquet Droz Boutique: Shop G03, The Sun Arcade, 28 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel: +852 2735 0988