Discover Jaquet Droz

The Rird Repeater

The bird repeater

The Bird Repeater is an authentic automaton, with a cam system inherited directly from the century of Enlightenment, and it calls upon the resources of all the decorative crafts.

The Charming Bird

The charming bird

Both contemporary and poetic, The Charming Bird takes the theme of the songbird to form this ultimate tribute to the creativity and historic expertise of the master craftsmen at Jaquet Droz.

Lady 8 Flower

Lady 8 Flower

The expression of refined femininity enhanced by the astounding automaton and the virtuosity of the Jaquet Droz Ateliers d'Art.



Charlie: the newest addition to Jaquet Droz’s family tree of automata. In honor of Baselworld 2013, Jaquet Droz presents Charlie, its latest automaton. Nearly 250 years since it brought out its first humanoid automata, the tradition is intact, along with the emotion.


Complex automatons

The Signing Machine

By means of highly complex movements, driven by a set of cams that are handmade in order to produce a fluid, natural script, The Signing Machine duplicates its owner’s signature.

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