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Jaquet Droz rocks the scene at Only Watch 10th edition with an electrifying twist on its Rolling Stones Automaton. Only Watch, a relentless force for fighting Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), launched in 2005 and holds biennial auctions that've already amassed in excess of an incredible €100 million through unique luxury timepieces, generously donated by renowned watchmakers.

Only Watch, a symbol of watchmaking's collective might, brings together brands, collectors, and philanthropists on a mission to combat DMD. But no collaboration shines brighter than Jaquet Droz's partnership for the 10th edition of Only Watch. In the world of haute horology, the unconventional alliance with a globally renowned rock icon might raise eyebrows. Yet, Jaquet Droz has joined forces with a band that's not just about music; they're rock royalty and cultural icons. When it comes to duets with rock legends, the Rolling Stones set the gold standard!

The collaboration has given birth to the Jaquet Droz Rolling Stones Automaton watches. The brand’s Automaton story, however, begins at the end of the 18th century when the Jaquet Droz family made avant-garde automata for royalty and wealthy collectors. Still today, Jaquet Droz is considered the world’s leading Automaton manufacturer and the brand’s rich heritage in this field gives its reputation an unrivalled legacy and legitimacy.

This bespoke approach is at the heart of Jaquet Droz's philosophy of offering collaborative service to every customer. The brand doesn't believe in one-size-fits-all, focusing instead on tailoring products and services to the creative desires of each individual.

Only Watch is all about one-off timepieces and no watch could be more unique than the Rolling Stone Automaton for the 10th edition of Only Watch. The watch is made in white gold with a diameter of 43mm. Powered by the Jaquet Droz calibre 2653AT2 movement, with silicon balance spring and pallet horns, double barrel, flat bridges and white gold oscillating weight, the power reserve lasts for 68 hours with the animation running for four minutes.

And there’s more!

Supportive of children's causes and the Only Watch project, the Stones are further supporting Jaquet Droz's commitment at the May 10 auction by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood signing the watch case for the Rolling Stones Automaton Only Watch.

The Only Watch version unleashes a rock 'n roll spectacle. Miniature renditions of the band's iconic instruments grace a central disc, evoking a vinyl record. There, you'll find Keith Richards' blonde Telecaster, Ronnie Wood's Gibson, Mick Jagger's harmonica and microphone, and a tribute to the late Charlie Watts' drum kit. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in pure gold.

The watch's colour scheme is an echo of Only Watch 10th edition’s palette. Duchenne muscular dystrophy primarily strikes young boys, and this year's colour palette is an almost-rebellious statement of childhood, in particular children at play. As the Automaton's spiral whirls, it conjures the daring playfulness of a child's spinning top. At the watch's centre, a second Rolling Stones tongue, hand-painted on the black onyx hours and minutes face, defiantly glows in the dark, reminiscent of a child's nightlight.

Once the automaton is triggered using the crown's pusher, the vinyl record will rotate. During the disc's rotation, the band's iconic red tongue emblem, rises, falls, and moves from left to right. The power reserve is shown at eight o’clock by a cam made to look like the tonearm and stylus of a traditional record player. When fully wound, the automaton can be activated up to four minutes before it needs rewinding.

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